How to Install Brackets and Corbels

Installing Corbels

Fortunately, it does not require an expert carpenter to be able to install a corbel; the process is actually quite simple. The easy method is to simply insert a screw or nail into the desired destination, drill a hole into the back of the corbel, and hang the corbel onto the nail or screw.

When putting your large nail or screw into the material, be sure to insert it so that it is at a 45-degree angle, with the protruding end facing upwards. Do not have the screw or nail perpendicular to the surface. Drill the hole in the corbel at a complimentary angle.

If you feel that your corbel is tilting to one side or the other after you hang it, you can remedy this problem with a mall touch of glue. Simply add a small dab of glue to the bottom end of the corbel and secure into place.

Once you are finished with your installation, be sure that the corbel is strongly fastened and secure.

Installing Brackets

While the easiest and fasted way to install a bracket may just be to hammer them into place with nails, we recommend using a little bit more effort and using pan-head screws. By using screws instead, the brackets can be more easily adjusted, removed, or replaced, and there is less chance that you will damage the brackets or surrounding areas with the hammer.

1. Determine where you would like your bracket, and mark at least two locations for where you will place your screws.

2. Drill holes into the brackets that are large enough to hold your screws securely, but not so tight that you will need a screwdriver. The heads of your screws will be used to hold the brackets in place.

3. Make marks on the wall to signify where the center and sides of your bracket will lie. Use these marks to draw a line across that will help you center the bracket as you install it.

4. Hold the bracket in place, lined up with your marks, and use a carpenter’s square to position the bracket at a right angle.

5. Screw the bracket into place. It can help to first drill holes into the mounting surface that are slightly smaller than your screws in order to ease the drilling process with the screws and reduce the risk of any errors. Repeat these steps until all of your brackets are securely installed.

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