How to Make a Wooden Corbel

There are many different applications for wooden corbels; they can provide much needed support for a shelf or countertop, or simply enhance the interior design of a room. You can create these versatile supportive pieces on your own with just a wooden ¼” by 10” by 10” blank, a 1/4 “ drill bit, sandpaper, and a band saw. Following a few simple steps, you can create a wooden corbel that is as simple or elaborate as you would like.

Draw Your Corbel

The first step is to actually sketch the side view of your corbel directly onto the wooden blank. This will be a French curve that coils from one corner of the wood diagonally down to the opposite corner. If you are not sure how to draw a French curve, or you do not trust your artistic abilities, you can trace a curve onto the wood using a picture you like from the Internet as a guide.

Cut Out Your Design

The next step is to use your band saw to cut out your corbel from the wood. Be sure to take every safety precaution necessary, including wearing protective eyewear while you saw.

Sand the Corbel

Using 100-grit sandpaper, smooth the edges of the corbel to your liking. At this stage, you can make small customizations here and there to manipulate and modify the shape of your corbel. You can keep the wooden corbel simple and smooth, or add intricate details to your liking, as long as you maintain the basic French curve shape.

Drill a Hole into the Wooden Corbel

The next step is to drill a hole into your wooden corbel so that you will be able to hang it. To attach the corbel to a wall, you will need to make a mark approximately one inch below the top of the corbel, on the front of the curve. You will then drill a hole, at a thirty-degree, downward sloping angle, that goes all the way through the corbel and out the back. This will enable you to insert a screw through the corbel and into the wall behind. If you wish, a shelf can then be placed on top of the corbel, and screws can be drilled through the shelf and into the top of the wooden corbel or corbels.

At this point, you have a complete homemade wooden corbel.

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